Carriage House & Greenway Project


The Greenway is partly funded by the Scoboria Fund, a generous bequest by long-time library trustee and supporter, Marjorie Scoboria. Additional contributing partners include The Friends of the Library and the Community Preservation Committee. The final stage of funding is dependent upon the rest of us.

We’ve raised over $100,000 so far!  



How to Contribute

Sponsor Levels for Donations

Gifts in ALL amounts are appreciated. Every donor will be featured on our Wall of Thanks.

  • Scoboria Fellowship: Gifts of $10,000 or more will be honored as members of the Scoboria Fellowship, named for Marjorie Scoboria, long-time Chelmsford Library Trustee and devoted Chelmsfordian
  • Adams Society: Gifts of $5,000-$9,999 will be recognized at the level of Adams Society, named in honor of our library’s founder, Amos Adams, whose contributions enabled the town to build the library in 1894
  • Bartlett’s Circle: Gifts of $2,500-$4,999 will be named for the Bartlett family, who donated the land on which the library stands today
  • Oliver Barron Club: Named in honor of the first librarian in town, Oliver Barron who operated the local tavern, where he also kept the books. These gifts will be those between $1,000-$2,499
  • 1894 Club: Those who make donations in amounts from $500-$999 will be members of the 1894 Club, named for the year workers initially broke ground to build the Adams Library
  • Director’s Alliance: Gifts in amounts between $250-$499 will be part of the Director’s Alliance
  • Library Advocates: Gifts ranging from $100-$249
  • Library Supporters: Gifts in amounts up to $100

Descriptions of Sponsorship Levels [pdf]

Gift-Giving Opportunities

Trees and patio seating may be dedicated with a plaque. Other donor inscriptions will be included on the Donor Wall.

  • Paperbark Maple: 8-10 ft., SOLD OUT! – $1500
  • Red Maple: 2.5-3″ trunk diameter, SOLD OUT! – $1500
  • Heritage River Birch: 8-10 ft., SOLD OUT! – $1500
  • American Beech: 2.5-3″ trunk diameter, 1 available – SOLD OUT!
  • Patio Table: metal with 4 seats, 1 available – SOLD OUT!
  • Red Twig Dogwood: #5 pot, 11 available – $200
  • Nikko Deutzia: #3 pot, 9 available – $180
  • Fothergilla: #3 pot, 1 available – $200
  • Hydrangea “Snow Queen”: #5 pot, 1 available – $250
  • Inkberry “Shamrock”: # 3 pot, 3 available – $175
  • Sweetspire: #3 pot, 4 available – $175
  • Juniper “Blue Chip”: #3 pot, 26 available – $150
  • Hetz Juniper: 4-5 Ft. B&B, 5 available – $500
  • Lilac: 4-5ft. B&B, SOLD OUT! – $300
  • Weigela “Wine & Roses”: #3 pot, SOLD OUT! – $175
  • Daylily: #1 pot, SOLD OUT! – $30
  • Cinnamon Fern: #1 pot, 41 available – $10

Number of available items last updated on 5/30/17. Please call us at 978-256-5521 x100 for current totals

List of Donation Opportunities [pdf]


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Update 5/30/17:

Wow, have you seen the Greenway?! In mid-May all of the plants, trees, shrubs, flowers, and beds were installed by the landscaper, stone benches (reclaimed from the foundation of the Dutton House!) and a granite table were installed by the mason, and the Greenway looks great:

It’s exciting to be into the home stretch. The landscapers also hydroseeded the grassy areas, so for the next few weeks, those areas are off-limits to allow the grass to take root.

In the meantime, we’ll be adding the last few finishing touches: a weathervane on the Carriage House, birdhouses in the wetlands, destination signpost, and the Wall of Thanks to recognize all of the generous people who made this project possible. We’ll also be adding more trees and plantings to the wetlands area to improve that habitat too.

Donations are still being accepted for some of the plantings and also to help with ongoing maintenance of the Greenway. And keep an eye out for the official ribbon-cutting ceremony in July!

Update 2/16/17:

This week we surpassed the $100,000 mark in our fundraising efforts! Thank you to everyone who has supported the project so far, and we’re excited to continue to grow.

Last fall, the Carriage House building and staff parking lot were completed. Next, work began on the hardscaping portions of the Greenway: the pathways and patio were laid out and created, the first of five granite benches was installed, and the Reading Circle was completed (using some of the pink granite from the foundation of the Dutton House!).

The land was hydroseeded to encourage grass to grow and provide a lush foundation for plantings in the spring. The Town of Chelmsford also installed raised crosswalks and safety signs between the Greenway and Bartlett Park and Woodlot, creating a link between the Library and the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail through some of Chelmsford’s most beautiful open spaces.

Volunteers from COSS, Constellation Energy, and Library staff also undertook a wetlands clean-out project in the fall. A great deal of invasive bittersweet was removed from the wetlands, and more, along with a few dead trees, will be removed later this year in order to restore the wetlands to a thriving natural habitat.

With the onset of winter, Greenway construction work was put on hold (but we’re still fundraising!). As the ground thaws in the spring, the four remaining granite benches will be installed, and the real work of landscaping and planting will begin. Many of the trees, bushes, and flowers on the Phase 3 Plan [pdf] have been claimed, but there are still plants left to sponsor. Please use the form above to be part of the Marjorie Scoboria Greenway!

Update 8/11/16:

Work on the Greenway and Carriage House has progressed all summer, and the Carriage House itself is nearing completion. The building should be completed by the end of August, followed by the opening of the staff parking lot.

Phase 3 development will begin in the fall. This will start with walkways, patios, and stone walls added to the site before winter. In the spring, trees, shrubs, flowers, and grass will be planted to complete the site. Fundraising will be necessary for this portion, including naming opportunities for trees, benches, and other Greenway features.

Phase 3 Plan (click for PDF)

Greenway Development Photos:
Marjorie Scoboria Greenway

Project Beginnings:

Preliminary site work on the Carriage House & Greenway Project begins on Monday, March 21st, 2016. This project will make improvements to the northwestern portion of the Library property, and will be completed in multiple phases:

Preliminary Work:

DPW will relocate a storm water drain and several manholes so that site work can commence.

Phases 1 & 2:

After the Board of Selectmen authorize the contract award, the contractor will reconfigure the two small parking lots to the right of the Library, re-grade the property, construct an underground drainage system to eliminate the existing detention basin and create a rain garden to filter storm water before it enters the existing wetlands. This will greatly increase the green space close to the Library and provide areas for programming and outside reading. Once site work is completed, a Carriage House-style building will be erected, which will be used for shop space and storage by the library and by the Friends of the Library for book collection and sorting. There is no space in the existing Library for either of these functions. In a related project, DPW will be constructing sidewalks along Bartlett Street to improve pedestrian access to the Library and a crosswalk to safely connect the Library to the Bartlett Pasture and Woodlot conservation lands across the street. Visit the Town’s website to view the site work drawings and bid documents for this project.

Phases 1 & 2 will occur simultaneously, with the end of summer being the targeted completion date.

Funding for Phases 1 & 2 is a combination of money approved at the 2012 Town Meeting and the Scoboria Trust Fund, managed by the Library Trustees. Additional funding will come from the Friends of the Chelmsford Public Library.

Phase 3:

This phase focuses on landscaping improvements and overall site beautification, by adding trees, shrubs, flowers, walkways, benches, a reading circle and decorative stone walls. This Greenway will provide an area for Chelmsford residents to peacefully enjoy the outdoors by walking the paths or reading in a quiet glade, as well as additional gardens and outdoor programming space for the Library. Phase 3 is currently in design and further information will be shared once the design is finalized.

Phase 3 will begin once additional planning and fundraising is completed.