Request to Exhibit at the Chelmsford Public Library

To apply to exhibit art at the Library, review our Art Exhibit Policy, then print this page.

Send the completed form to the Library by fax (978-256-8511), mail or in person to 25 Boston Road, Chelmsford, MA, 01824.

Artist or Organization ______________________________________________________________

Address ________________________________________________________________________


Authorized representative if different __________________________________________________

Telephone _________________________________

Email address ____________________________________________

Indicate Medium:

_____ Oil _____ Watercolor _____Photography
_____ Pastel _____ Acrylic _____Other - please decribe:
_____Mixed Medium    

Number of works to be displayed:________

Please attach a descriptive list of the works to be exhibited.

Dates of Exhibit

___________________________________ First Choice

___________________________________ Second Choice

___________________________________ Third Choice

___________________________________ Fourth Choice

To be completed by Library Staff  
First date of set up ________________ Final date for removal _____________

I have read and agree to abide by all the regulations of the Library's Art Exhibit policy.

I understand that the Library cannot assume responsibility for loss or damage to works on display.

The Board of Library Trustees has the final authority for approving exhibits and reserves the right to prohibit any person or group from displaying artwork.


Signature_______________________________________ Date _________________

Please return this application form to the Library. The Head of Community Relations will contact you regarding your application. Filing an application does not guarantee exhibit space or dates.