Join the Friends of the Library Today

Print this page and fill it out, then mail it along with your check (payable to CFOL) to:

The Chelmsford Friends of the Library, Inc.
25 Boston Rd.
Chelmsford, MA 01824

Better still, bring your completed form and check directly to the library during our open hours.
Browse for a while. Borrow something.

OK. Sign me / us up for Annual dues:

____ Student $5.00/year
____ Senior Friend $5.00/year
____ Friend $10.00/year
____ Family $25.00/year
____ Dear Friend $50.00/year
____ Patron $100 per person
____ Lifetime $250 per person
____ Special Donation $____________

Would you like a receipt?

____ Y ____ N

Name/s ______________________________________
Address ______________________________________
Phone ______________________________________
E-mail ______________________________________
Special donation ______________________________________