Wireless Internet Frequently Asked Questions

What is wireless?
Wireless Internet access uses radio frequency signals to exchange information between your computer and the Internet. No cables are required.

How can I use wireless Internet at the Library?
The wireless system supports the following standards: 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g. Most users will be able to bring in their wireless enabled laptop and turn it on. The computer will automatically recognize the wireless network.

Do I have to be wireless to connect?
No, many work tables and study carrels throughout the library have ethernet ports. Please do not use wall or floor ports. You may bring your own ethernet cable, or ask for one at the reference Desk.

Will I need any special settings or passwords to connect?
No, the library's network is open to all visitors. No special encryption settings, user names, nor passwords are required.

Where is the strongest signal?
The best signal can be obtained on the lower level in the nonfiction area.

Is my information safe while using wireless?
There is no protection for your information while using wireless, unless you are connected to a web page that employs encryption. Keep this in mind if you are accessing sensitive business or personal information.

Can I print while using wireless?
Printing is not available on the wireless network. If you need to print, please save your work to a disk or email files to yourself, then use a library workstation to send jobs to the printer.

Can the library staff help me to configure my computer?
Sorry, everyone's computer is different and you are responsible for knowing how to configure your own equipment. There are some handouts with helpful information available at the reference desk. However, we do have troubleshooting guides for Windows and Mac laptops

Where can I get wireless access when the library is closed?
There are a few local locations that serve as free wireless hotspots:


We hope you utilize this service and we welcome your input.