Museum Passes

You can reserve your own museum pass from home! Check either by museum (to see available dates) or by date (to see which museum passes are available that day). Most museum passes are provided by the The Chelmsford Friends of the Library, but the Garden in the Woods pass is donated anonymously by a library patron.

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If you need help or have questions,
please contact the reference desk at 978-256-5521 x211.

Guidelines for Museum Pass Reservations
  • Passes may be reserved up to 60 days in advance.

  • Passes are limited to Chelmsford Residents or members of The Chelmsford Friends of the Library who have valid library cards and a PIN (usually the last four digits of your telephone number). Residents of other towns must first join our Friends group to use Chelmsford's passes.

  • Reservation Limits: 1 pass per day; up to 5 passes per 30 day period; each museum only once per 30 day period.

  • If you need help booking passes online, or would like library staff to book a pass for you, call the Reference Desk at 978-256-5521 ext. 211.

  • You can pick up your pass at the Circulation Desk on the main level the day before use. If the Library is closed that day, the pass may be picked up 2 days before use.

  • The same library card used to make the reservation is required to pick up the pass.

  • If you will not be able to use the pass and need to cancel your reservation, please cancel your pass online or call the library at 978-256-5521 ext. 211. Failure to cancel reservations will result in a denial of museum pass bookings for a 30 day period.

  • Passes are due back to the library the day of use. Passes may be returned in either book drop at the Main Library. Dated coupon passes are collected at the museum and do not need to be returned to the library.

  • If your failure to return the pass on time prevents others from using that pass, you must pay their admission. Chronic abuse may result in the suspension of your pass privileges.

Please check the library's hours for holidays and other days when the library is closed and you cannot pick up passes. Check each museum's web site for up-to-date hours of operation and directions. You will see links to the museum web sites as you book your pass.