Trustees Open House - Main Library

On Wednesday, June 16th, 2010, the Trustees of the Chelmsford Public Library held an Open House at the Adams Library as a way of talking with patrons, hearing concerns or comments, and answering any questions they might have.

In attendance were Margaret Marshall, chair of the Library Trustees, and trustees David Braslau, Lisa Daigle, Diane Severin, Carol Sneden, and Charlie Wojtas. Five patrons attended the open house.

In the course of informal conversations with the patrons, two main themes arose:

  1. The threatened (but averted) loss of certification for the Chelmsford Library

    Maggie explained the Massachusetts library certification process and the waiver procedure. Several patrons emphasized the importance of interlibrary loan (ILL) in their lives in particular, and the Trustees explained the extremely high volume of ILL traffic both in and out of the Chelmsford Library. The patrons seemed happy to hear that the certification waiver was in place and that our library was not, by any means, the only one in that situation this year.

  2. Loss of Sunday Hours

    Several patrons told of Sundays being the only day they could get to the library. It was explained that, given the staffing and budget situation, Sunday hours - though library use was quite high - were the first to be cut. One patron asked whether we had thought about trading a block of Sunday hours for a block of weekday hours (for example, be open Sunday afternoons and be closed Tuesday mornings). The Trustees said that while staff and Trustees had thought of all possible scenarios, that question could be brought up again for discussion.

The trustees ended the meeting by inviting more feedback any time and thanking the patrons for coming. Please do not hesitate don't hesitate to contact Becky Herrmann, Library Director, or any of the Library Trustees with additional questions or comments.