Members of the public may supply free literature on topics of educational, cultural, civic, social and recreational interest for display and distribution in areas of the Library reserved for this purpose. Due to space, safety and security considerations the library can only accept printed materials for display.


Staff members in various areas are designated in charge of publicity and will regulate items for posting. The staff members will act as a clearinghouse for materials that are brought to the Library to be posted and will stamp all “approved” postings on the front with the posting date. Any questionable materials should be brought to the attention of the Director and may be reviewed by the Board of Trustees.


  1. Commercial advertising is not accepted.
  2. Because of limited space, the Library reserves the right to limit the size and arrangement of notices and other publications, as well as the time allowed for display and the number of publications supplied by any one person or group.
  3. The Library also reserves the right to remove materials judged to be unsuitable.
  4. The Library does not endorse and is in no way responsible for the views expressed in these notices and publications, nor is the Library responsible for the loss of or damage to any items on display.
Approved by the Library Trustees, April 2009