Guidelines for Use of the Library

To insure that the Library "provides a welcoming, inviting public space for users of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities," patrons need to be aware of certain guidelines for use of the Library, its materials and equipment. Foremost must be the safety of all users as well as respect and consideration for others and for Library property. In addition, we ask our patrons to observe the following rules:

  • Food is permitted only in the meeting room during special events and in the outdoor seating areas. Food is not permitted in any other public area of the library. Drinks are allowed throughout the building, but only in covered containers. Care must be taken to avoid spills, and patrons should notify staff if any spills occur. Beverages and waste should be disposed of properly and containers should be recycled whenever possible.
  • The use of tobacco products and alcoholic beverages are not allowed.
  • Loud talking, noise that disturbs others, or disruptive behavior will not be permitted.
  • Mobile devices such as cellular phones and hand-held computers should be set to "silent" mode. Use of a mobile device in the library should be brief and quiet. Out of respect to other library patrons, prolonged conversations should be moved to a less public area, such as the foyer, the courtyard or the parking lot.
  • Soliciting is not permitted inside the library buildings or on library property.
  • Parents are responsible for the behavior and supervision of their children.
  • Animals, except assistive animals, are not allowed.
  • Library resources may not be used in a manner which may violate federal, state, or local laws.

Library guidelines must be observed and respected. If they are not followed, patrons may be asked to leave library property, including the grounds.

Approval by the Library Board of Trustees, August 2000; Revised May 2008