MacKay's Princeton Elm Tree

Princeton Elm Planting

On Sunday, May 16th, 2010, members of Boy Scout Troop 75 planted a Princeton Elm in the field next to the MacKay Branch Library. Photos from the day are below.

The Re-Tree-It project celebrates Arbor Day by planting trees in the community. The Troop is also committed to nurturing the young trees as they grow. The scouts will continue watering and caring for the tree for the next three years, including daily for the first few months.

The Chelmsford Library would like to thank the following Scouts Michael Taylor, Jeffery Taylor, and Cole McCall, Scoutmaster Elmer Lyons, Assistant Scoutmaster Eric Tatara, proud parent Paul Taylor, and Special Helper Liam McCall, for their work in planting this tree.

The Princeton Elm is a fast-growing deciduous tree that will provide a great deal of shade when fully-grown. The leaves are dark green, which turn yellow in the fall. For more information on Elm trees, visit the Princeton American Elm Planting Guide or look for books in the library at the Dewey Decimal number 582.