Bibliobites Book Group

Bibliobites is a book group with a culinary focus. We read a combination of cookbooks, culinary memoirs and Foodie fiction. We often pick a theme for a meeting and encourage members to try recipes related to the theme. We do not discourage members from bringing those recipes in for us to try!  Bibliobites meetings are open to everyone, and meet the last Friday of the month at 11 am.

Previous Bibliobites Discussions

  • mystery writers Writers in the Kitchen (5/10/2016) - It’s no mystery that most of our Bibliobites members enjoy cooking; and many of us enjoy a good mystery novel as well.  And it seems that, at least in the literary world, murder and mayhem often go hand in hand with culinary exploits of one sort or another.  There are plenty of suspenseful books that … Continue reading Writers in the Kitchen
  • everyday pasta Pasta, Per Favore! (4/4/2016) - Apparently, Italians didn’t invent pasta, but it could be argued that they’ve perfected it.  It’s one of the cornerstones of their cuisine, eaten at almost every meal and with an infinite number of sauces and/or accompaniments.  Americans, despite their flirtation with low-carb eating, have embraced pasta; it’s quick and easy to make, readily available and … Continue reading Writers in the Kitchen
  • FRD-Fist Bibliobites in February: Bake, Boil, Simmer, Stew, Stir…… (3/7/2016) - ……and enjoy!  This month, instead of focusing on a specific title, we all participated in a “cooking challenge.”  The idea was to make something you’d never tried before, either because it was too time-consuming, too intimidating, or too unfamiliar.   Everyone seemed to enjoy their adventures in the kitchen and it was fun to hear about … Continue reading Writers in the Kitchen