June 2007
Alison Taylor - "Environmental Portraiture"

Alison has been capturing the essence of people through photography since the age of 10. As the oldest of three girls, she started using her sisters as her subjects. “My favorite thing was to go to the portrait studio as kids. When we came home I was always trying to recreate the studio in our living room and using a Polaroid camera.”
She enrolled at Loras College in Dubuque. Iowa. She received her B.A. in marketing. During this time, photography came into her life again. She worked in Sears Portrait Studios all through her college years. “This was a great learning experience! It taught me patience, perseverance and understanding of children. Expression can not be forced but discovered in each child “

Upon graduation, she began her marketing career in the high-tech corporate world. This was a great learning experience but she felt that there was something missing from her professional life. “I felt that I wanted to have a more significant life for myself. I knew that photography was something that I had passion for and completely inspired me.”
At 25, she enrolled in Hallmark School of Photography in Turners Falls, MA. Here she graduated with honors with the “Most Professional Portrait Portfolio” and “The President’s Award” which recognized the unlimited determination to succeed.

In 2001, Alison Taylor Photography was born. Alison is a location based photographer using the environment as the setting. Her goal is to capture the moments and the spirit of each individual reflected in the image. The subject is the most important aspect for her from capturing a newborns hands and feet, the independence of a high school senior, the love of a couple, the bonding of a family or vulnerability of a toddler. “Our relationships with each other are so important and I want to capture those special moments in the most authentic and natural way possible through photography.”

Alison currently resides in Dracut, MA with her husband and travels MA, NH, ME and RI to photograph clients.