February 2008
"Pen and Ink Abstract Flowers"
by Ara Hagopian

"Don't Tell Yourself No"
A Chat with the Artist
Thursday evening, February 28, 2008
at 7 p.m.
in the McCarthy Meeting Room

Are you an aspiring artist, writer or photographer? Join Ara as he shares insights and some of the things he has learned on his way to becoming a working artist and writer. Click here to learn more.

Ara Hagopian is a writer and freehand artist working in northern Massachusetts. His precise and colorful work has been exhibited in thirty local venues and has won prizes each year since his debut in 2004. Ara is the resident artist at the Bedford Starbucks and has sold over 125 works since 2006.

Ara's art gallery on the web: http://thepatriotartist.com/

Also exhibiting in February will be Photographer Pam Ziehler