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October 2012
The Nashua Artists Breakfast Club
at the Chelmsford Library
Reception: Saturday, Oct 13, 2012 from 2-4 p.m.
Music by pianists Siyuan Ma, Kevin Kong, Fangru Jian and Jeffrey Rong

The Breakfast Club is a group of professional artists from New England who have been meeting every Wednesday for almost 20 years in Nashua, NH and surrounding towns. Join us for an opening reception and meet the artists on Saturday, October 13th, from 2-4 p.m.

Read more about the Breakfast Club at their blog

Artists who will be participating:

Donna Berger Priti Lathia Helene Lavasseur
William C. Turner Paula Mingolelli Carolyn Gaudet  
Marilene Sawaf Judy Heron
Marie Doherty  
Peggy Jungbluth Denise Rainis
Peter Koutrouba 
Nita Ledger Casey Rene Bodmer  
Joe Lapiana Jean Smith Cripps

Donna Berger -Award-winning artist/illustrator who creates illustrations and designs for publications, design and marketing for business clients and individual commissioned fine art. Visit Donna's website at

William C. Turner -Fine Art, Realist oil paintings capturing the anthropomorphic nature of old and once mighty machines. Visit William's website at

Marilene Sawaf - "The stain glass effect I use is inspired from my love for stain glass. In 1976 my family fled from the civil war in Lebanon, and we lived for a year in my grandmother's mansion in Alexandria, Egypt. An entire wall which was visible upon entering the house, was made of stain glass. In my paintings I continually recapture that ethereal vision." Marilene is a member of Boston's prestigious Copley Society. Read more about Marilene and her work at and read her blog at

Peggy Jungbluth -"After retiring four years ago I decided to try my hand at painting. The Westford Senior Center was giving a free lesson so that was my starting point with a wonderful teacher, Marie Stabile. Since then I have taken classes with Steve Previte of Nashua and Paula Mingolelli of Tyngsboro. To be invited into this artistic world has been an exciting adventure -to recreate landscapes in oil and to learn different techniques. Drawing is an ongoing reward for me at this time in my life, and the Nashua Breakfast Club has played a big part in encouraging my learning experiences in this fascinating new world of Art."

Nita Ledger Casey

Joe Lapiana

Judy Heron

Denise Ranis

Priti Lathia

Paula Mingolelli
has a studio #407A at Western Ave Studios in Lowell, Ma.

Rene Bodmer

Jean Smith Cripps

Peter Koutrouba

Marie Doherty

Carolyn Gaudet

Helene Lavasseur

Read more about the Breakfast Club artists on their blog