June 2014 --Art @ the Library
Fay Liao - Chinese colored inks and oils
Reception: to be announced

blue flowers

Fay Liao grew up in China where she attended university in Beijing where she receivd her B.A> degree in engineering and management. She moved to the United States in 2003, and pursued her Masters degree in Accounting and Finance.

Fay has loved art since she was a little girl, but she chose to study other subjects instead of Art. "When I was in elementary school one of my watercolors was chosen for a global exhibit of children's art. At that time in China parents did not encourage their children to pursue art as a profession. Thee general feeling was that most artists suffered and lived in poverty."

She continued to draw and paint while in college off and on but it wasn't until recently that she decided to make more time for Art in her life. She worked with several art teachers - one who taught her to paint in a "Russian university style." She also took classes from teachers who painted in a realist style. She discovered her own style- took on a mysterious and spiritual quality.