June 2011 - Art at the Chelmsford Library

The Gleaners: Art Made from Found Objects
The Chelmsford High School A.P. Art Class looks at our environment and what we leave behind.

Opening reception:
Thursday, June 9, 2011 from 5 - 7 p.m.

Music by Ernie Woessner, pianist

"The Gleaners" painted by Jean Francois Millet in 1857

This painting depicts peasants gleaning grain after the harvest. The painting is famous for showing a sympathetic view of the poor in 19th century France. Following the French Revolution people were worried that this painting glorified the peasant. In the Salon of 1857 this painting received a great deal of controversy.

Gleaners are people who clean-up what is left behind by, in this case, harvesters. Today people have kept up this activity by gathering refuse from the food industry, like restaurants and grocery stores. People also collect trash from industry, malls, trash bins and the streets. The modern terminology is dumpster diving or trash picking.

Today gleaning is not only done out of necessity for survival, but people collect for environmental, philosophical and artistic reasons as well. Beginning with Picasso's first newspaper collages in the early 20th century, found objects in art are not new. As artists have continued through the last 100 years to put found objects in art, the art of the found object has continued to evolve. In our modern world artists help create a portrait of who we are by what we discard.

The Chelmsford High School A.P. Art class was sent out on a mission to collect found objects and create a thoughtful art piece with their findings. Using their artistic skills and concepts this show depicts an array of materials and ideas.

Paula Pitman Brown- The Teacher

"From early childhood, creating art has been essential for me. Making art and teaching art have gone hand in hand throughout my career. As an art teacher for the past 32 years, I have continually been energized and inspired by both art and by my students. Each year a strong group of creative and talented art students graduates from the high school to pursue careers in the visual arts. Teaching art has consistently been challenging and rewarding.

I have taught art for 24 years in Chelmsford, mostly at the high school. I also taught art at the Decordova Museum for 20 years, teaching their Multicultural Art Camps and a series of teen courses on Portfolio Prep and Painting and Drawing. I also taught art on all levels in The Waltham Public Schools. I continually exhibit my art work in numerous exhibits. My work is in many private collections.

A graduate with distinction from Massachusetts College of Art, I majored in Painting and Art History. I continued my education through Suffolk University and Boston State to receive my teaching degree."

Advanced Placement Art Class - The Students


Leah Folsom
Leah likes creating; she likes painting, printing, sewing stenciling and cooking. And she likes film, drawing and writing - anything to do with art. In high school she spent the majority of her time in the art room. She has taken outside art classes and likes to ride her yellow bike. Whatever she does in the fall, it will include indulging in the arts.



Joshua Shiau
Josh is a student at Chelmsford High School currently in his second year of AP Art Portfolio. He is active both in his community and at school. This year he achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. He painted a mural at the high school and participated in several school theatre productions. This year he earned a Gold Key in The Scholastic Art Awards. He is deeply interested in modern and conceptual art - especially the thinking process involved in it. Josh will be attending Rhode Island School of Design in the fall for Industrial Design.


Ji-Shin Kuo
Regina is a junior in A.P. Art this year. She took an Animation Class at Mass Art this past winter. She uses, "Painter, Illustrator and Flash." She is learning Photoshop on her own. Regina won an honorable mention for Film and Animation in The Scholastic Art Awards. Regina wants to pursue animation in the future.

Emily Miner

Emily is a senior at Chelmsford High School and will be attending Montserrat College of Art this fall. She wants to major in Illustration with a minor in Art Education. Some of her major accomplishments include Student of the Month (June 2011), receiving the Rebello Scholarship, Art Allstate candidate and a high score on the A.P. Exam in 2010. She enjoys using pen and ink, watercolor and colored pencils. Emily's work mostly consists of children's book styled pieces. She aspires to create children's books one day.

Rachel Hamel
Rachel Hamel is a senior at CHS. Art has been her favorite subject all four years of high school. This year she has taken an independent study of computer graphics that has allowed her to create all the posters, programs, and tee-shirt art for the theater guild productions. Her other activities include: member at large of the theatre guild, entertainment head of LIME, dance team, NHS, DECA and a job at both Hollister and Great Brook Farm. Next year, Rachel plans to attend Marist College for Fashion Design.


Alexandria Smith
Alexandria Smith loves art and the historical qualities behind it. She has been interested in art since she was a little girl and got her first sketchbook at 7 years of age. In High School she took four years of art including art at the AP level and art history. Next year she will be double majoring at Lesley University; one of her majors will be Art History.


Amanda Marcotte
Amanda has taken art in each of her 4 years at Chelmsford High School. She has just finished her second year of AP Art. This year she won a Gold Key for her photography portfolio and an honorable mention in the Scholastic Art Awards. Amanda will be attending the Art Institute of Boston awarded with a Dean's Scholarship next fall. She will be pursuing her passion and major in photography. She feels blessed to have this opportunity.


Julia Messier
Julia has been taking art classes ever since her sophomore year at Chelmsford High School. This year she won a Gold Key at the Scholastic Art Awards for her portfolio. She also won a Silver Key. Julia was awarded the Faculty Art Award at CHS. She has been an active member of the Chelmsford High School Theater Guild all four years of high school. For the last two years she has been both Scenic Artist and Set Designer. Julia plans to attend The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University in the fall with a major in illustration and a minor in creative writing.

Jennifer Proscia
Jenny is an aspiring artist who enjoys graphic novels and illustrating. She was heavily involved with the Theater at Chelmsford High School producing set designs and scenic art. She won several awards for her work. Her favorite medium is watercolor and ink. Jenny will be attending Massachusetts College of Art and Design in the fall.

John Valeriani
John has attended and taken art all four years at Chelmsford High School. Having a strong interest and talent for art, John will be attending Massachusetts College of Art and Design in the fall.

Philip Lane
This year Phil took on a big challenge, he went from Studio Two to A.P. Art Portfolio bypassing both Studio Three and Honors Art. Phil discovered at the end of his junior year in high school that he would need an art portfolio to apply to architecture school. This fall, Phil will be attending Roger Williams College to study Architecture. Thanks to Mrs. Brown for pushing his artistic limits. Thanks also to his parents for their continued support and allowing him to leave art supplies around the house all year.


Veronica Gordon
Veronica plans to attend the University of Massachusetts in Amherst this fall. She will be majoring in animal sciences with a minor in art. Veronica plans to become a veterinarian. She also plans to keep art as a key part of her life. In her spare time, Veronica volunteers at the Lowell Humane Society, a place that is very near and dear to her heart and her artwork. Veronica also enjoys playing basketball (she had played in the CYBL for 8 years and coached this past year.) Veronica was part of the CHS Theater Guild crew which this year won a set design award for the high school’s competition play. This year Veronica received an honorable mention in the Scholastic Art Awards.



Samuel Pofcher
Sam’s interests outside of art include BMX freestyle biking, working as a bus-boy/bar-back, and playing sports with his friends. Sam’s art work consists of the emotions he is feeling. He likes to let his art work flow with his train of thought rather than forcing it. In this way, he can enjoy his pieces as much when he is making them as when they are finished for all to see. Sam is a very optimistic person. He tries to move forward energetically to keep up with his work load, friends, and anything exciting that is going on.

Marisa Maniscalco

A student in A.P. Art Portfolio, Marisa created a concentration on world tragedies. She loves to create art pieces that mean something important. Marisa also finds art a great way to relieve her stress. Next year, Marisa will be attending Kent State University. Her major will be Fashion Design and Merchandising. Marisa decided to pick these majors as she is currently a student of A.P. Art and DECA. She is anxious and excited to pursue her career.



Alyssa Buettner
Alyssa has taken Studio one, Two, Three and A.P. Art at Chelmsford High School. She has always had an interest in fashion, art and design. Next year Alyssa will be studying Fashion Marketing and Management at Savannah College of Art and Design, in Savannah, Georgia.

Steven Clement
Steven has always had a passion for art ever since he could pick up a pencil. At Chelmsford High School, Steven has taken Studio One, Two and A.P. Art. Steven feels he has greatly improved his art in high school. Steven looks forward to continued study in the arts at the University of Lowell majoring in Graphic Design.


Rebecca Rondeau
Rebecca plans on attending Clark University in the fall to major in Psychology and the brain. She would also like to minor in art. Art is a form of therapy for Rebecca. "Art helps me relax and gets my emotions expressed at the same time."



Jackie Donovan
Jackie was a member of the A.P. Art class at Chelmsford High School. Next year Jackie will be attending St. Anselm's College in Manchester, N.H. She plans on majoring in either Elementary Education or English.


Avalon Borucki
Avalon plans to attend UMass Lowell in the fall majoring in Fine Arts. Avalon is extremely interested in animation and graphic novels. She plans on continuing animation and creating graphic novels after college. Avalon also has an interest in interior design. Her favorite art mediums are bristol paper, paints and ink. She enjoys drawing in an anime style.


Kelsey Fenn
Kelsey is attending Massachusetts College of Art and Design in the fall. She thanks her mother and Mrs. Brown for introducing her to all the different things you can do with art. Kelsey loves designing, creating and having a good laugh. You will most likely find her working at home or out with friends. She is excited for adventures to come, new beginnings and so much to learn.

Allie Norman
During high school, Allie has taken Studio One, Two, Honors Art and A.P. Art Portfolio. Also during high school, Allie has taken five classes in Photography and Graphic Design at both Mass Art and AIB. In the fall she will be attending Keene State to major in Graphic Design.