October 2010 at the Chelmsford Library - The Teeles
Insights - Photographs by John Teele
Reception: Saturday 2, 2010
2-4 p.m.


John Teele | Artist's Statement

Although I enjoy portrait, landscape, and travel photography, my real passion is abstract art photography. I look at a scene and allow myself to begin to see it from a unique perspective. Usually this involves being quite close to the subject to remove any obvious context. Ideal subjects for me have a strong two-dimensional quality, thus I am only hinting at a sense of a three-dimensional space. My interest then is on color, form, and texture, not so much about shadow, distance or spatial relationships.
I recognize the unique qualities of film photography, but I prefer the precision and control that can be obtained with modern techniques. I want to create an image that is technically very clear, yet does not reveal its digital origins. I am not afraid to manipulate the image subtly, but I don’t want it to look manipulated.
I always try to draw out the essential feeling that was in the subject in order to communicate the essence of my vision.

John Teele | Artist’s Bio
John Teele has lived in Chelmsford and the surrounding area for most of his life. As a young man, John spent several years in Micronesia on the island of Kwajalein. He enjoys traveling, with time spent in Germany, China, Mexico, Jamaica, Bermuda, and Canada, as well as US destinations including the Florida Keys and many visits to the Hawaiian Islands. John summers on the island of Martha’s Vineyard with his wife and daughters, and enjoys camping in the mountains and woods of Maine and New Hampshire.
His father inspired his interest in photography at an early age, and later that interest was renewed and strengthened by the introduction of high quality digital photography. John shoots primarily on Canon Digital SLRs and continues to upgrade his lenses and equipment as new technology becomes available.
John’s primary career is software engineering for electronic musical instruments, and this knowledge and interest in computers enhances his exploration of digital photographic processing techniques.
He combines a discerning eye with a love of beauty to create detailed and rich images that give new insights with each subsequent viewing.


Also exhibiting this month will be Trina Teele