June 2006 - "4 Artists - 4 Mediums - 4 Styles - 4 Visons"

Donna Berger, Cathy Rogers, David Hayward & Susan Darbyshire

Reception: Sat. June 3, 2006 2-4 p.m.
Soft jazz music to be provided by:
Justin Baker
Adam Pallaid &
Malcolm Kearns

About our June Artists

Donna Berger, Illustrator

Donna Berger works as a freelance artist, creating Illustration and design work for picturebooks, magazines, editorial and business clients. Additionally, she loves painting and exploring other creative art forms.
"Art has always been a driving force in my life, whether it's creating for myself or other communication vehicles for print/publishing clients."

Susan Darbyshire

As a graphic designer, Susan has created a variety of projects from advertisements to exhibit graphics to designing a cookbook. Her personal work includes photography and sculptural basketry.

"I strive to show the viewer something they may not have noticed before. I love it when the details, colors and composition come together to create those "aha" moments for the viewer."
Susan Darbyshire
SD Creates
Graphic Design and Production


David Hayward, Pastel Artist

With pastels as his primary medium, David has been painting landscapes and still life for nearly 30 years. His approach combines the study of the American and European 19th century artists, an interest in topography and biology -- and the appreciation that "all art aspires to music."

"Everyone has their unique way of connecting with someting greater than themselves. I have had the most incredible experiences painting the fields, wetlands and sea shores of New England that will stay with me forever. I hope to share those experiences with others through my art."
Email address (davidhayward@verizon.net)


Catherine Rogers

Catherine Rogers works as a marketing communications manager for a high tech software company. As an artist, she loves to work with a hands-on approach to explore and combine art mediums. In her current series, she designs complex collages from hand-painted watercolor papers, found objects from the streets, and household items.

"I'm fascinated by the beauty in everyday ordinary objects and the beautiful patina they acquire simply by aging. Combining pieces of these objects with fine art materials usually yields some wonderful visual surprises, and challenges the viewer to see the world with refreshed eyesight."