September 2008 at the Chelmsford Library

"New England Memories"
Photographs by Ken Signell
Reception: Saturday, September 13, 2008
2-4 p.m.
Music by Ernie Woessner

Artist Statement
"When people find out I was born in Colorado, they invariably ask why I don’t move back there, and my answer is always “because it is so far from the ocean.”

Since my wife and I got married and moved we both have come to love being near the ocean. Much of this is reflected in my photography. You also can’t live in New England and not get caught up in photographing the fall foliage.

By profession I am a painter and paper hanger. A lot of the local pictures were taken as I was driving back and fourth to work. The rest were taken on vacations and weekends around New England.

For technical data: I still put myself in the amateur category. I have not had the benefit of any formal training. I’m still shooting on film and no picture has been digitally touched-up or altered. All pictures were “hand held” and without the use of filters except the two pictures of Camden, ME – where I used a polarizer filter.

I hope the pictures bring back some memories of your trips in New England, or perhaps stimulate your interest in traveling to some new areas."

Also on exhibit in September are the works of Maureen Baker