January 2006

Images by Lee Fortier
Reception: Saturday, Jan. 7, 2006,
 2 - 4 p.m.
Music by "Just Strings"

Artist’s Statement

"Photography allows me to create and present to you, the viewer, my personal interpretation of a subject. Photography trains the eye to observe images in everyday life that others usually fail to see. I enjoy bringing these images to life through this medium. Be it film or digital, it does not matter. The resulting image is the reason not the way.

We are surrounded by light yet we often fail to take note of it. It constantly shapes the things we see in daily life yet we tend to ignore it. The beauty of a subject is often “in the light” rather than “in the subject”. As light has the ability to alter the shapes and moods of a subject.

My photographs are common subjects that have been painted with a light that makes them special. My ultimate purpose for creating these images is simply to bring a bit of pleasure into the viewers day. If one of my images has made someone smile, then I have been successful in my endeavor. "

Artist’s Bio

A self taught photographer, Lee has been interested in photography for over 30 years. During this time, he has worked in B&W, color, prints, slides, 35mm, 6x6 and, more recently, digital. He has also dabbled in portraiture, corporate work, graphic arts, landscapes, seashores, macro, travel and architectural photography.

Lee developed his eye early on in life when, encouraged by his artistically talented mother, he became involved in the arts through the mediums of charcoal and oil. He purchased his first SLR in the late 60’s and he’s never turned back. Recently, he has converted to 100% digital capture. As good as film is, digital allows one to bring out the true essence of what was actually observed at the time of capture and this is what all photographers seek to present.
After spending many years in the business world, he now has the time to search for the beauty in nature and to record it for the pleasure of those who appreciate fine images. His primary venue is his website www.leefortier.com and occasional displays in business environments. Through his website, you may leisurely browse hundreds of images in many different galleries.

Lee's work currently hangs in many homes and places of business throughout the country.

Never without a camera, he searches for locations that tell a story. In capturing these images he's able to make them available so everyone may have the opportunity to enjoy them.
For more information please visit Lee Fortier's website at www.leefortier.com