August 2007
Leo Patenaude -“Memories Photos”
Reception: Saturday, August 11, 2007
2-4 p.m.
Music by "Just Strings"

Leo Patenaude specializes in digital photography of nature, wild life, and scenic views. He presently works closely with the “General Federation of Women’s Clubs of New Hampshire” for the “Old Man of The Mountain Legacy Fund” providing “Before and After Views” in different types of media (post cards, greeting cards, photos, prints, night lights, etc.). His “before and after views” of the Old Man of The Mountain are displayed at the Capital in Washington DC and at the Historical Museum in Concord New Hampshire, the Flume and Cannon Mountain. His pictures are on display and at various places in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Florida.

Leo has been a photographer for at least 50 years. He has used many types of cameras including an 8 mm movie (film) camera, a 3D camera and several types of 35 mm cameras. His present camera is a Canon EOS D60 with several Canon high quality lens. He uses Adobe Photoshop CS as his main tool to process his digital pictures and an Epson 2200 printer to produce his high quality prints. The large pictures (greater than 19x13 inches) are printed by “Eastern Photographic Services Inc” in Lowell MA.

Leo also worked for many years in the Electrical Engineering Department at the University of Lowell. He is a member of the Chelmsford Art Society and of the Nashua Area Artists Association. His photograph, “Royal Terns in Flight” won first prize in the professional photographer category at the Chelmsford Art Society Contest July 4th 2007 show.

Artist Statement
"My inspiration to be a photographer is directly related to my Dad. He loved taking pictures, and everywhere he traveled, there was a camera nearby. He also had a chalkboard that he used to write the title of the event (example: “A Day at Lynn Beach”). I remember holding the chalkboard many times as my dad took a picture of the title he just wrote. He also had one of the original 3 D cameras. He took 35mm positive slides, 8mm movies and 3D positive slides. As a member of the Electrical Engineering department at the University of Lowell, I had the opportunity to take many courses. Two of the courses were art courses under Professor Carlton Plummer (water color) and Professor Brenda Pinardi (oil acrylic, pastel, pencil, charcoal, and pen and ink). They were great teachers and great artists”