November 2010
"Let the Children Guard What the Sires Have Won"
Exhibit of original art for "Chelmsford," by Tom Ryan
Reception: Monday, November 8, 2010 from 6-8 p.m.
Music by pianists David Chen, Siyuan Ma and Kevin Kong

Please join the Chelmsford Cultural Council at this special reception to meet the author, Tom Ryan, and the artists who contributed to this book on the history of Chelmsford.

This project was funded by the Chelmsford Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency, and by the Chelmsford Friends of the Library.
















(click on book cover to read online version of poem)

The Author:
Tom Ryan

The Artists:
Claire Pavlik Purgus - cover art
Helen Moriarty - (page 26, "In Eighteen Seventy-five the streets received kerosene lights")
Donna Berger -(pages 28 and 29, Nettie Stevens and Susan S. McFarlin)

The following students under the direction of Chelmsford art teacher, Sarah Kiley, created illustrations for this project last year in their 7th grade art classes:
Kripa Joseph (page 7, "The old chief's son Wannalancit")
Shane Curran page 8, "Garrison houses were built in every part of town")
Ben Canniff (page 9, "The forest was turned into farmland")
Owen Jordan (page 10, "In the hundred years of time")
Rodrigo Carrillo-Sanchez (page 11, "Benjamin Pierce was plowing his field")
Alyssa Wink (page 12 "He left town as an Englishman")
Rianna DeChiara (page 14, "The early families worked hard")
Krishna Patel (page 15, "Wives brewed and baked and spun and wove")
Sam Harmon (page 16, "The ox cart trails of Pioneer Days")
Taylor O’Shea (page 17, "Turkeys were hered along the road")
Hannah Riffe (page 19, "Ham and bacon were smoked")
Amanda March (page 20, "Along the busy canal")
Kristin LaPolla (page 21, "When Chelmsford glass could float")
Amanda LoCoco (page 22, "Ralph Wlado Emerson taught in Chelmsford for a year")
Julie Bernazani (page 24, "Heavy gears from the Chelmsford Foundry")
Prerana Patil (page 25, "The Boston and Lowell Railroad")
Alex Hill (page 27, "Robin Hill was a destination")
Will Hulett (page 30, "His sprawling mills in North Chelmsford")
Stephanie Hartshorn  (page 31, "Chelmsford women have lended a vital hand")
Nick Zaher (page 31, "After the First World War, an organized police force now upheld the law")
Tim Miragliuolo (page 32, "He chased a Lowell bound street car")
JT Carroll (page 33, "But the soon found out that bus lines would take them near and far")
Kristina Gorski (page 34, "So many more wars would be fought")
Michael O’Keefe (page 35, "J.M. Fields at Drum Hill would build a major store")
Rajan Gandhi (page 37, "...when they went to an open meeting")
Mary Lupoli (page 38, "With people from many a nation")


To view the illustrated poem online (from the Chelmsford Cultural Council's website) click here