June 2009 @ the Chelmsford Library
Li-Sui Lin
Reception: Tuesday, June 9, 2009
10 a.m. - noon

About the Artist:
Li-sui grew up in Taiwan, the daughter of an artist. She learned sketch and watercolor painting with her father at a young age, but for many year she stop painting. Her passion on painting was revived after returning from the United States to Taiwan with her husband in 1992. At the time she felt the Chinese painting techniques did not encourage creativity and decided to try oil painting.

Li-sui started painting tangible objects and then large abstract pieces using oil, taking lessons and participating in art shows in Taiwan. Her works gained recognition of many local and national levels in Taiwan. Unfortunately, she had to discontinue her oil painting after moving back to Acton because of shortage of a studio with proper ventilation. This prompted her to switch to watercolor. She uses flowers and local scenes, especially New England's winter landscape, for inspiration.

Participating in the watercolor classes and other programs at Acton Senior Center and Chelmford Library help Li-sui with her conversational English and make her feel at home. People very much enjoy seeing her works.