October 2014: Art @ the Library
Louis Henri Pingitore

Reception: Saturday, October 25, 2014; 3 - 5 p.m.


Special Note: Our October artist Louis Henri Pingitore will show a special 17 minute video of his work. The video will be shown twice during the reception. at 3:15 and 4:00 p.m. Please try to arrive before the video begins because we will dim the lights in the meeting room.

Artist Statement

These “Color Scapes” are original photographic compositions that reflect the fluid nature of light, color, shape and line when stripped of their original form. They invite the viewer to consider other possibilities of the visual structure of our world and to inspire a more expansive way of perceiving reality, form, and color by highlighting what we see with what can be imagined. The process employed is an in-camera technique using a hand held camera, a single exposure and natural directional light. Photoshop has not been used, no effects have been added and minimal editing of color saturation and balance has been done post-production. While keeping the shutter open, my camera deconstructs a subject’s visual elements and reassembles them into alternate worlds of mutated structures and laws. The captured moments reveal a parallel universe in which reality and possibility commingle playfully until the shutter is closed. The merging and clashing of color and tone, line and shape, light and dark, push and pull to create a dynamic tension that resolve into peaceful, harmonic images.  It is hoped that these images will give the viewer pause to consider what is possible in the visual structure of the world around us.




Louis Henri Pingitore was born in Paris, France in 1963. The son of a United States diplomat, his childhood was spent living in far flung posts such as Mogadishu (Somalia), Oran (Algeria), Peshawar (Pakistan), and Port-au-Prince (Haiti), alternating with a year’s post at home base (Washington, D.C.).   As an adult he’s traveled widely visiting countries as diverse as Cuba, Kenya, Costa Rica, India, Chile, Nepal and Indonesia.  He made Cambridge, Massachusetts his home in 1989, where he now lives with his wife, their son and daughter and their two cats.  An avid photographer since his childhood, he had a breakthrough in developing a new form of photographic expression in 2009.  He has studied extensively under Remy Dubois at FACIL-Art, a French-American collaborative in language and art, where Remy has called his work “hauntingly beautiful” and has said he believes Mr. Pingitore “has created a new form of photography.”   A recent review of his work by Gallery 263 in Cambridge, MA has called Louis Henri’s work “absolutely stunning.” Color Scape Studio opened  October 12th, 2012 at 5 Pemberton Street, Cambridge MA where his works can be seen by appointment.

Louis Henri Pingitore, Color Scape Studio
5 Pemberton Street, Cambridge MA 02140
Please visit Louis Henri Pingitore's website at http://www.colorscapestudio.com for a complete bio and a list of  current exhibits.