Art @ the Library - August 2013
Maria Urra, Children's Books Illustrator

Ms. Maria Urra is a local artist in Girona, Catalonia, Spain. At early age, Maria was recognized as a talented artist resulting in numerous awards and publications.  Painting and music drive Maria’s life. That's probably one of the reasons she ended up choosing a career as a teacher at Elementary School. There she can apply what she knows best: music and art. A very good media to teach and reach the children.

Maria’s art work is based on playing with shapes, colors and, above all, expressions. Her endless imagination and creativity are put together in all art pieces taking the viewer to a new, exciting, colorful and joyful world.

Her current sources of inspiration are her young nieces and nephews. Thus, most of her recent work focuses on young children.

Maria brings any characters you ask for to life, from a greating Mr. Apple, to a sleepy Mr. Banana, a dreamer snail, and so on. After Maria designs and creates the new theme or character she fills the piece with light and bright acrylic colors. Maria’s goal is not to fill up the whole painting with elements. On the contrary, she focuses on the character capacity to make the viewer smile and dream.

Although Maria’s pieces are all originals and result of her wide imagination, her inspiration comes from her childhood model and well known Walt Disney.


Most of her current work is for the youngest in the house. However, Maria has also created other pieces for the not so young. Maria loves challenges and innovation, thus from time to time she creates pieces with different style which break the current theme/flow.

Maria has never had formal education in art. Some people may consider this a blessing, because all her pieces from top to bottom come from her own knowledge and imagination. However, Maria would love someday take formal course in art so she could experiment with new textures, techniques and styles.

Aside from her passion for art, Maria enjoys playing guitar. Her repertoire is very wide! From typical traditional catalan songs such Havaneres to country, classic and, of course, children's favorites songs.

Some of  Maria’s Publications & Awards

  • Gènesi i Ciència. Science and Genesis, Youth Christian Movement. Barcelona.
  • Didactic Material. Sant Martí del Canigó Abbey. France.
  • Sagraments cristians.  Sacrament series of 7 triptics. Girona, Spain.
  • Francesc X. Butinyà. Congregació Filles de Sant Josep. Girona, Spain.
  • Història d'una flauta. Story of a flute. Procedència Comissió Episcopal de Seminaris i Universitats. Girona, Spain.
  • Fal·lera Gironina logo. Giant Cultural group. Girona, Spain.
  • First communion, wedding cards.
  • Illustrations of tales by demand such as The brave dwarf.
  • Fem Europa logo.
  • Award “Com és Flanagan?”. Edicions la Magrana. Barcelona, Spain.
  • Award, “Sant Jordi”. Institut Carles Rahola. Girona, Spain.

Also on exhibit this month in the meeting room is a group show by the The Chinese Brush Painting Artists of Acton and Boxborough.