September 2008 at the Chelmsford Library

Works by Maureen Baker are exhibited this month in the Library's Open Gallery and are also featured in the display case.

The Art of Maureen J. Baker

Massachusetts artist Maureen J. Baker brings a diverse exhibit to the Chelmsford Public Library this September that combines her decorative wall art - canvases in oils, acrylics and watercolors - with her works of “utilitarian” art demonstrating the many directions this multifaceted artist dares to travel.

Baker offers floral paintings, seascapes and landscapes. She works in oils, watercolors and acrylics. While many of her paintings have the power to bring the viewer on quiet journeys through peaceful New England scenes some of Baker's other art brings one back to everyday life in a most eloquent and exquisite way. Baker also provides utilitarian art that one can use everyday such as jewelry boxes for precious relics, exquisite floor cloths to stand on and wine glasses for those very special moments.
This show presents a versatile collection of art. Apparent throughout the exhibit is the artist's belief that art is to be experienced and touched; to be viewed as well as to be used.

According to Baker, "There is a misconception that decorative painting and traditional canvas painting are in different categories. Decorative painting indeed has a place in 'Fine Art,' and decorative painting, like canvas painting, has many different expressive styles."

This coordinated exhibit of traditional paintings on canvas and paintings on utiltarian surfaces confirms that both mediums are equally viable expressions of art.

To see more of her work visit Maureen Baker's websites:

Also on exhibit in September is the work of Ken Signell