February 2008
Pam Ziehler -

Pam Ziehler was raised in Concord, Massachusetts and has been a Carlisle resident for the past ten years where she lives with her family. She is currently employed as a preschool teacher and volunteers at Drumlin Farm caring for wildlife.

Artist Statement:

"I have always had a passion for both photography and wildlife since grade school. These pictures were taken during a recent trip to South Dakota. The wild mustangs in these photographs -Mesteno- as the Spanish called them, were taken on a 13,000 acre sanctuary in Hot Springs, South Dakota. I recently learned that in the year 1900, more than 2 million wilde horses roamed the west. As of 2004, less than 32,000 remain; they have been hunted for sport or hunted and sold for human consumption in the U.S. and the foreign market. Twenty-two thousand wild horses are now in government holding pens awaiting their fates. This is why wild horse sanctuaries are important.

One would only hope these pictures will inspire people to protect these symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the west that enrich the lives of the American people. From cattle ranchers buying up the land that these mustangs roam or being sent to slaughter, the future of the wild mustang has never been more uncertain. For more information on the preservation of wild horses or burros visit www.savethemustangs.org"

Donations from the sales of these pictures will be sent to The Wild Mustang Sanctuary, Hot Springs, South Dakota.


Also exhibiting in February will be Ara Hagopian in the meeting room