November 2008 at the Chelmsford Library
"The Literary Horse: When Legends Come to Life"
The photographs of Vanessa Wright

Saturday, November 1, 2008 2-4 p.m.
Music by Derek Chang

Does Black Beauty live at the end of your street? Does Pegasus take wing from the pasture around the corner? Explore this exhibit and find out!

From Achilles’ weeping chargers to Don Quixote’s Rocinante, literature is full of memorable stories and poetry about horses. This exhibit brings those legends to life by pairing 50 photos of local horses and their people with quotations from the world’s great books.

Among this parade of famous – and infamous – steeds, you’ll glimpse the sunbeam-maned stallion, Greyfell, and his rider, the Viking hero, Siegfried, on their quest to battle the dragon, Fafnir, the terror of the Glittering Heath. You’ll watch Russia’s fabled Horse of Power hunt the magical Fire-Bird, and see the mighty warhorse for whom Shakespeare’s King Richard III may once have shouted, “A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!”

Though legends may sometimes seem like nothing more than imaginary tales from long ago, they are happening again here. And though their horses may seem impossibly good and brave and splendid, they are living again now. Look closely, and you will see the great heart in both the horse show champion and the shaggy pony in your neighborhood. Look more closely still, and you will see the timeless hero in your neighbor, in your family member, in your friend, and, ultimately, in yourself.

Vanessa Wright is a New Hampshire-based equine photographer who specializes in images that celebrate the human-equine bond. Her work has served as promotional and educational material for equine-related businesses, schools, and charities, and hangs in private collections worldwide. Both her photography and her writing on horses will also be featured in the forthcoming book, The Ultimate Horse Lover. For more information, activities, and a booklist, or to contact Vanessa, visit her website, .

Ann Edie may be joining us at the opening reception on November 1st with her guide horse, Panda. Panda is a working service animal, like a guide dog. Read more about Ann and Panda's work and partnership at