Display for July 2014
"Scrapbooking: Beyond the Basics"
by Vickie Turcotte

Workshop on scrapbooking:
Pick up some pointers and learn how to organize and preserve your memories, Vickie will be here to talk about her passion
for the art of scrapbooking on Wednesday, July 30, 2014 at 11 a.m.
in the McCarthy Meeting Room

Vickie is the cataloger here at the Chelmsford Library.  She’s been making scrapbooks since she was a teen. Back then it was rock & roll stars.  Now it’s family, friends and vacations. (And rock & roll stars – she’s also an avid music & concert fan.)

Scrapbooking is not just photos and words, it’s history, memory, and art. Vickie is delighted to share these scrapbooks, these little pieces of her life and art.  This collection covers over ten years, and the books were created from scratch, from kits, or through workshops taken online and at scrapbooking events. Some aren’t even books! Subjects include pets, people, music, vacations, events, and scrapbooking itself.

Stacy Julian, one of Vickie’s favorite scrapbook teachers, says “when you pair a photo with a memory, that’s scrapbooking.” You can make scrapbooks about anything – the people and pets you love, the things you do and the places you go, your car, your coffee, yourself. And it’s not limited to traditional scrapbook pages – scrapbooks can be any size, and any shape; they can be books, or wall art, or even building blocks. Vickie has just started work on a scrapbook that tells the stories about some of her most treasured possessions.

She hopes you enjoy seeing the possibilities for saving & sharing your memories with scrapbooking.