bookSeeing and Not Seeing . . .
Western Avenue Studios Artists respond to
"The Art Forger" 

Reception: Sunday, April 6, 2014; 2 - 4 p.m.
Music by guitarist Berit Strong

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Inspired by “The Art Forger” by B.A. Shapiro, the April art exhibit will feature the artists from Lowell’s Western Avenue Studios who will share their responses to reading Chelmsford's One Book title. We are honored to present this group show of the Western Avenue artists.

A Note from the Curator

"You never know what you will get when you offer the artists at Western Avenue a challenge.  And “The Art Forger” was a meaty challenge as you will see from the variety of work being shown in response to the book.Some of the artists chose to work in the style of Degas . . . or to create their own ‘forgeries’ with copies of Degas,  Bierstadt, Wyeth, Courbet and Marquet.  Some were enamored of the Gardner Museum itself, most notably the courtyard (that place of beauty that is forever off limits), although one focused on the theft and another on the lions.  

Others were fascinated by the discussion of technique and explored that using their own media.  Still others chose specifics from the narrative to focus on, some in 2 dimensions, some in 3.  Others embraced the city of Boston, walking in Claire’s footsteps.  The artists of Western Avenue Studios enjoyed the book and enjoyed responding to it.  We hope that you enjoy our response!"
Maxine Farkas

The following artists are participating in this show:

Stephan Anstey - Studio 432 poet and painter

Jennifer Aradhya - Studio 506 mixed media

Nita Leger Casey - Studio 407a painter

Laura Doran - Studio A316
photographer, mixed media

David Drinon - Studio 418 painter

Barbara Guilmet - Studio 405 ceramics

Judy Heron - Studio 403 painter

Ann Lee - Studio 304 fiber artist

Cassandra Merry - Studio 522 painter

Paula Mingolelli - Studio A408 painter

Bethany Peck - Studio A417 painter

Denise Rainis - Studio 404 painter

Maureen Radoncic - Studio 409 mixed media

Debra Bretton Robinson - Studio A409 painter

Don Sullivan - Studio A509 painter

Samantha Tucker - Studio A405 ceramics

Tom Veirs - Studio 425 painter

Christopher Volpe—Studio 521 painter

About the Western Avenue Studios:

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