Yahong Shen: Chinese Brush Paintings
May 2006
Yahong Shen will present a demonstration of Chinese Brush Paintings
at 2 p.m. on Saturday, May 6, 2006 in the meeting room of the main library

Artist Statement

    Traditional Chinese Painting has its unique style by using ink, rice paper, and calligraphically writing skills; and composing and accomplishing paintings with painted objects, blank spaces, calligraphically writings or poetries, and seals.

    There are similarities between Chinese and Western painting as far as the types of brush marks is concerned, but the two are very different in their methods of presentation. In both Chinese and Western painting, a distinction is made between formal likeness and spiritual likeness, and in both formal likeness is achieved. But Chinese painting has long freed itself from the constraints of form and shifted its focus to the spirit.

Yahong Shen can be contacted by phone at 781-674-2933 or email at ys_2k_99@yahoo.com. You are welcome to visit her family website "http://users.rcn.com/danielxu" where you will find more details about her and her paintings.

    'Poetic sentiments, picturesque language, 'painting in poetry, and poetry in painting'-- these are some common sayings on the affinity between painting and poetry. In other words, a painting must have a soul and that is the artist's original conception. A good landscape painting is one that gives the viewer the feeling that he is actually in it. It should have an ever-present aura. It can be compared to a good portrait in which not only the physical likeness of the sitter is captured but also, more importantly, the spirit. 

    A graduate of Harvard School of Design, Yahong has made Chinese Brush Painting her passion for many years. The theme of Yahong’s exhibit is “Four Seasons.” There are two subject groups: flower-bird, including varieties of flowers, birds, fruits and trees with significant Chinese symbolism for hundreds of years; and landscape.

    Please enjoy what Yahong presents to you.

    Yahong Shen will present a demonstration of Chinese Brush Paintings on Saturday, May 6 at 2 p.m. in the Library’s meeting room. This demo is free and open to the public.