by M. Paul Ward

I love my donuts fresh, you know.
There’re many places you can go
To get this kind of sweet cooked dough.

Yes, carbohydrates packed with grease,
It gives our junk food palate peace.
It is a craving hard to cease.

All donut makers are the same.
No matter what the ads proclaim
It matters not the bakery’s name.

The biggest names, for sure are a few,
Like Krispy Kreme, and Honey Dew
And yes, there’s Dunkin Donuts too.

They all produce and I have tried
So many sugared treats deep-fried.
And looked at racks of them wide-eyed.

Believe me disappointments rise
Like Dunkin Donuts shrinking size
Of products to economize.

Yet with the smaller ones they fry
They’re equal to the size made by
The Krispy Kremes, I often buy.

Ah, Krispy Kremes, so soft and sweet,
They almost melt away, this treat.
You eat ‘em fast, they’re hard to beat

I guess I should divulge to you
The qualities of Honey Dew.
A Dunkin Donuts clone, that’s true.

But only get them freshly made.
More than once I’ve been dismayed
And ate one stale. It was low grade.

And what about the other shops?
Well let me tell you something pops,
There is one place that I think is tops.

It truly makes the very best.
They outdo greatly all the rest.
Try one and you’ll take the test.

So where is this amazing place?
Your local supermarket ace.
Check out their daily donut case.