Chelmsford's Intergenerational Poetry Slams

Poet      Chelmsford's 31st Intergenerational Poetry Slam
      Friday, May 1, 2015
    Thank you to all the poets who read at Friday's Slam:

The evening's favorites:
First Place: Danny Dunn "My Masterpiece"

Second Place: Jan Ringdahl for "A Marathon for Heroes"

Third Place: Kara Taveras "In a Church's Corpse"




“Poetry is news—news of the mind, news of the heart—and in the reading and hearing of it, poet and audience are fused.
Strangers converge, but community emerges.”

-Bill Moyers from "The Language of Life: A Festival of Poets"


A Word on our (gentle) Poetry Slams...

Chelmsford's Slam is a gentle Slam. At some Poetry Slams in city bars and on college campuses judges signal their votes "Olympic style" after each reading. Our Slams are less intimidating; voting takes place quietly via a ballot box. Think of it as a Slam customized for the suburbs.

Poets of all ages: Our youngest poet was about 5; our oldest poet spent the evening of her 90th birthday at one of our Slams! The rest fall in between giving us a rich variety of perspectives of the human condition.

Audience members vote by filling out ballots with the names of their three most favorite poems or poets (we print up programs listing our poets so you can keep track of who's who). The ballots are dropped into a ballot box at the end of the evening; the votes are tallied up usually by the following day.

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Poetry News:

Jack McCarthy's passing January 17, 2013

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