Poem Unnoticed
by Shana Tilley

This is a poem unnoticed,
By you and everyone else.
Who wants to listen to this girl.
She must not have anything to say.
But it’s because of people like you,
She has put her voice away.
No time to understand these things, because when life hits, it hits hard.

You say there are no problems here to see.
But honestly.
Go get your eyes checked,
There are so many things happening that you refuse to let into you vision.
So take a step back, look around, and breathe.

This is my poem unnoticed,
Probably going no farther than this paper.
But that’s fine with me, because at least I have this ability.
I have the privilege to write how I feel and what I have come to see.

People tell me I’ve been through it all, but there’s so much out there, doing more wrong, that I’ll pull my problems inward and then,
Release the tension inside and create a new peace of mind.

This is my poem unnoticed,
Just like the girl holding the pen,
Pushed further down by words and threats, until you start to believe that they are true.
This is my poem unnoticed,
Filling the edges of empty spaces sitting inside my body.
I crave the word, the feel of paper, and the thought.
The thought of letting go; releasing unwanted energy clinging to your very soul.

This is my poem, finally noticed, to the people all around me.
There may still be hate, that tries to claim your empty space, but just remember,
It won’t have the strength too.
So poem, finally noticed, you are free.