by Mary Ziavras

By a boathouse at the shore
On a stormy autumn night
Women huddled by the door
To search the sea in fading light
For a ship long overdue
To return their men and her crew.

They watched in fear for the plight
Of any ship that happened to be
Where wind swept waves rose to the height
Of mountains, on the blackened sea,
Then spewed white foam as they crashed down
To cover those who may have drowned.

By dawn the sea was calm and blue
As Neptune’s fury had been spent,
Those who waited sadly knew
What the stillness really meant.
Seagulls cried and circled ‘round
And sand crabs scurried on the ground.

Grief is but a spoke in the wheel
A part of God’s great plan.
It turns with time to help heal
And with His love, replenish man.
The sun cast diamonds in the sand
And dew drops sparkled o’er the land.

There was no sign of tragedy
The season passed as it had before.
All seemed as it ought to be
Sorrow soothed by faith, once more.
Children laughed, continued to play
When their sand castles washed away.