by Tag Vennard

Spellingtest-itis Spellingtest-itis
I have that awful disease today!
I've got a spelling test I'm sure to fail.
Look at my face: is it red? Is it pale?
When school is over it might go away
I have spellingtestitis today!

Sciencetest-itis Sciencetest-itis
This new disease is worse than the flu!
My homework sits on the table, undone.
My science project not even begun,
and today is the day it is due!
Scientest-itis is worse than the flu!

Geography-phobia History-osis
worse than bursitis or halitosis
There must be some kind of way
I can stay home today

Spellingtest-itis Spellingtest-itis
after today my life is over for sure.
Get the thermometer:I must have a fever
when teacher said "study" I should have believed her!
A snow day is the only cure
I have spellingtestitis for sure!