by Leslie Koresky

Where would I be
Without my tea,
Steamy brew
To comfort me?

Rainy day,
Cold as Nome
Kettle whistle
Warm at home

By the bag,
By the pot,
Steep it, stir it
Strong and hot

Stand and wait.

My icy bones
Round handled heat.
Shiver of relief,
Sugar sweet

Cozy corner,
Legs pulled up
Grand elixir!
Magic cup!

I drift,
I smile,
I read awhile.

Noisy rain,
Too cold to mention,
Taps and raps
For my attention.

I give the rain
A passing look.
Then turn the pages
Of my book.

Another sip,
A sated sigh,
Content to let
The rain run by

When round my cup
My hands are curled
God's in his heaven,
All's right with the world.