Winners from our 13th Poetry Slam April 2001

First Place
M. Paul Ward for "Those little stickers they put on fruit"

Tied for Second Place
Pauline Renaud for "Conversation Under a Table" and
Anastacia Forsley for "Duality"

Third Place
Daniel Posner for "Earendal"

Fourth Place
Sheila Kane for "How I Am"

Fifth Place
Emily Radwin for "Cancer"

Tied for Sixth Place
Simone Beaubien "Pinball"
and Yakov Zilberberg "Untitled

Honorable Mention
Elise Durville "Cycle of the Spheres"
Carolyn Gaines "Early Evening Rain"
Doris Gayzagian "Too Tired to Dream"
Dorit Lammers "Celebration"
Lynne Wagner "Mrs. O'Malley's Pain"
Sarah Hage "South West"