One Book Coffee House with the Amoskeag Players
Fri March 23, 2012 at 7 p.m. at the main library

The Amoskeag Players, a four piece 19th century “social orchestra,” perform music from the antebellum and Civil War years. Their ensemble is composed of instruments that are correct for the period portrayed. The Amoskeag Players have been performing authentic antebellum American music for over 20 years. Bob Kilham leads on a 1860’s period reproductions gut strung 5 string banjo. Dave Nelson plays a fiddle, while Greg Heppe adds lyric notes on the old style tin penny whistle.
The trio became interested in the Civil War as re-enactors with the Fifth NH Volunteer Regiment, and found their niche in researching and performing period tunes for audiences through out the United States. The music and the sound are rustic and authentic to the unamplified stages of the mid nineteenth century, contributing to an audience’s unique “you are there” feeling.

Historical background and stories about the events and conflicts of the time are included in the performance of a variety of well known tunes, such as Camptown Races, as well as, some lesser known songs that highlight the different opinions of the day.





This program is a One Book Chelmsford program and is funded by the Chelmsford Friends of the Library.