CSI -Chelmsford, MA
Erik Koester from the State Police Crime Lab
Tuesday, April 27, 2010 at 7 p.m.

Crime Scene Investigator, Erik Koester from the Massachusetts State Police Crime Lab in Danvers will deliver the real world picture of Crime Scene Investigations. Erik Koester is a Crime Scene Analyst who supervises a team of crime scene responding forensic scientists. He oversees the three most violent counties in Massachusetts: Essex, Middlesex and Suffolk. As a Crime Scene Analyst, he conducts chemical, physical and biological laboratory methods at crime scenes. He acts as a liaison between the Crime Laboratory, the District Attorney's Office and various state and federal investigators. Erik provides technical advice to investigators and confers with investigators regarding facts and suspicions pertaining to cases to determine the types of examinations to be performed.

Using a power point presentation Erik will demonstrate how the Massachusetts State Police Crime Laboratory functions and how the different units within the laboratory process a crime scene. He'll discuss the different tools and methodologies that the crime lab utilizes and will compare the television CSI to "real life" crime scene investigations. He will bring along some "hands-on" tools such as: an alternate light source, gunshot residue collection kits and chemical screening tests.