Cheryl Pillsbury

Cheryl Pillsbury lives in Townsend, MA. She has been writing since she was 16. "I love telling stories, taking the reader on several adventures and make them part of the story." Cheryl's "Amie" series is for Autism awareness, all funds goes to research and programs.
Cheryl is the President of AG Press, LLC, a self-publishing/printing company.

She has authored over 10 books. Her titles include:

Angus Grady; Enforcer of Allard Island (Syfy series for young adult)
Angus Grady:The Beginning
Angus Grady:Spirit of Arachula
Amie and the Purple Butterfly
Amie and her First Pet
Bradley and Farley: 33rd Dist. Case File One
Bradley and Farley: 33 Dist. Case File Two
Tiah and the Rainforest
My Underworld
Nathan: The Chosen