E. Christopher Clark

"I am 2005 graduate of the MFA in Creative Writing program at Lesley University. A blogger since 1999, I am the founder of and chief contributor to Geek Force Five, the Best Pop Culture Blog of 2009 according to New Hampshire Magazine. I have worked hard to build a name for myself in traditional media (NPR, The Nashua Telegraph), online social media (Twitter, Facebook, Good Reads, etc.), and in person (via events such as Free Comic Book Day, Podcamp Boston, Podcamp NH, All Things Out Loud, and Word @ 99).

My work has been published in Commonthought, Device, The Bradford ReView, and in Literary Matters, the newsletter of the Association of Literary Scholars, Critics, and Writers. I have performed my work in front of audiences in San Francisco, Chicago, Denver, and Boston. And, on NPR’s Word of Mouth, I was interviewed about my self-distributed writing projects and how I used the crowd-funding Website Kickstarter to fund one of them. My two self-published books are "Those Little Bastads" (2002) and "All He Left Behind" (2010). I am currently shopping a novel, "Down the Cape," to agents and publishers. While I do that, I teach creative writing and literature courses at Lesley University in Cambridge."

Read more about Christopher Clark's work at his website www.geekforcefive.com