CLEAN & GREEN: Reducing our Carbon Footprint

A series on clean and green living and ways to reduce your carbon footprint. This series is funded by the Chelmsford Friends of the Library and from a grant from Constellation Energy.


Library programs filmed by Chelmsford TeleMedia (CTM) are available on DVDs in the Library's collection and on the CTM website through video streaming.
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Wednesday, October 24, 2012 at 7 p.m.
"Greening Your Holidays”

presented by Maria Bartlett

Save money, time and energy this holiday season! Maria Bartlett will cover just about everything you need to know about keeping your holidays green, simple and inexpensive. Maria’s programs focus on basic, simple and easy ways to incorporate eco-friendly ideas into busy lives. Some topics she'll cover include holiday decorating, gifts (gifts of time, events, environmentally-friendly gifts), gift wrapping, foods (healthy holiday eating), plants as gifts, cleaning for the holidays, etc. Bring your own tips to help make the holidays green and to go smoothly!

Maria Bartlett is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Parenting Educator. She received her B.S. from Cornell University, and a Masters in Public Health from University California Berkeley. Maria is a current chair of the Environmental Awareness Committee, Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts and a Past President of League of Women Voters in Andover/North Andover.

Maria worked for 25 years as a Nutrition Consultant in Pediatric Nutrition, and for 7 years as a parenting educator. In addition she has volunteered with the League of Women Voters and with Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts with a focus on environmental issues for almost 20 years. Initially she became involved around incinerator and power plant issues in the Merrimack Valley. She is now involved with at the state, national and global levels on many issues such as pesticide reduction and organic lawn care, home composting, engaging children with nature and the environment, the Updated Bottle Bill and Safer Alternatives legislation in MA, climate change and global warming.

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Thank you to Chelmsford TeleMedia for making many of these programs available on DVD in the library's collection and through video streaming on their website.

Wednesday, Sept 19, 2012 (this workshop was not filmed)
“MassSave 101” - a mini workshop on making your home more energy efficient
presented by Blair Kershaw of Next Step Living and Tim D'Souza of Sagewell

A workshop on how your home loses energy and how you can access the No-Cost Mass Save utility program to tap into rebates and incentives. Presenters were Blair Kershaw of Next Step Living and Tim D'Souza of Sagewell. Both companies have been working as Community Outreach Partners in Chelmsford to promote energy efficiency by leveraging the Mass Save program on behalf of homeowners. They
outlined several easy (and inexpensive) steps all homeowners can take toward a more energy efficient home and save money and reduce our carbon footprint.
Benefits of the Mass Save assessment include, if eligible:
1. Free light bulbs, thermostats, refrigerator rebates
2. A combustion safety check
3. 75% off insulation up to $2,000
4. Additional generous rebates including heating systems and solar energy
Note: You have already paid for these benefits through your utility bills.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012, at 7 p.m.
Lawns and Landscapes with Ann McGovern,
Consumer Waste Reduction Coordinator, Mass. Dept. of Environmental Protection (click here to see a bio on our speaker)

Ann's Handouts

Ann's Outline

Ann returned to Chelmsford on May 23rd. Ann's May presentation focused on the following topics:

- How to use finished compost;
* Health effects of pesticides;
* How to create healthy soil for lawns and landscapes;
* Management practices for healthy lawns;
* Management practices for other types of landscapes (flowers, shrubs, trees, vegetables);
* Alternatives to pesticides and chemical fertilizers;
* Resources for more information.

Developing healthy soil helps eliminate the need for synthetic fertilizers and pesticides in our lawns, gardens and landscapes. Learn how to create healthy soil by using compost, mulch and other practices. Learn what lawns need to grow well and what practices you can use to establish and maintain a healthy lawn with minimal inputs of chemicals, water, time and money. Many of these principles apply to other landscape plants as well. The workshop will be tailored to the topics of interest to the audience.


The March 28th Clean and Green program presented a talk on Composting with Ann McGovern, Consumer Waste Reduction Coordinator, Mass. Dept. of Environmental Protection. The Chelmsford Recycling Committee gave away a few door prizes at this program - a composting bin and two Fishbones gift certificates.

According to our speaker, one can reduce household waste by up to 50% and create healthy soil by making and using compost. Compost is the basis for healthy soil. Healthy soil grows healthy lawns and gardens without the need for pesticides or chemical fertilizers. You can have a beautiful yard without using chemicals that can harm children, pets and the environment. Turn coffee grounds, tea bags, fruit and vegetable scraps, egg shells, yard waste and even paper towels into black gold that will transform your soil into rich, fertile earth.
Ann McGovern covered the basics of composting, different types of bins, indoor worm composting for apartment-dwellers, and how compost can eliminate the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides in your yard and garden. Her workshop covered the basics of home composting.

• How to make compost easily;
• What can and cannot be composted;
• How to choose a compost bin;
• How to compost without a backyard using an indoor worm bin

Link here for some great resources on composting: