Author Jerry Serra, co author with John Auger, of "B.S. : Business Satire"

Jerry Serra and John Auger began "BS: Business Satire" when they first met as entry-level managers for a Fortune 500 company. Growing the buzzwords they heard daily and creating their own job title acronyms, the two bonded through laughter to create the book that will have corporate America laughing along with them. Author Jerry Serra currently resides in North Chelmsford, MA. He is energetic and enthuisastic. He has been requested to be a motivational speaker at multiple events.

From the publisher:
"A look at the state of today’s business culture and how we can change it. By recognizing absurdity in the workplace, the authors hope to influence a behavioral change in the business world while poking fun at the corporate culture. Included in the book are games, cross-word puzzles, word searches and other fun for business buffs.

Welcome to the comical side of the corporate world! In BUSINESS SATIRE (BS for short), John Auger and Jerry Serra cut through the bull of business culture and explain how to change it in an amusement-packed and pocket-sized book. The authors’ background in business gives them the ability to break it down for the rest of us and entertain in the process.

This book isn’t just a good read, it’s fun too! From buzzword bingo boards to crossword puzzles to creative cartoons, there isn’t a dull moment. John and Jerry are talented teachers, showing their readers just how ridiculous the business world can be. Travel to a realm in which there are job titles such as Regional Executive Contact to Upper Management (RECTUM), where hypocrites run wild and usually go by the name of “boss,” and where meetings exist only to drive businessmen crazy and accomplish nothing.

You don’t need a background in business to find humor within these pages.

BUSINESS SATIRE explains all:
- Common business buzzwords
- The truth about titles
- Overuse of acronyms
- Laughable lingo
This hilarious guide to business will have you laughing out loud in your cubicle—but don’t be surprised if you learn a thing or two to boot!