The Journey Takers: An Inside Look at Immigration Research
with Leslie Albrecht Huber, Genealogical Freelance Writer and Speaker
Tuesday, November 16, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.

Learn some new sources, new approaches to methodology, and new
insights into our European immigrant ancestors’ lives as you follow
along through some case studies that are included in the soon-to-be
released book, The Journey Takers. Enjoy some stories that will remind
us why we find tracing our families so fun – and so meaningful.

Leslie Huber's nonfiction book, The Journey Takers, was written for a genealogy
audience and will be distributed through Family Chronicle, Internet
Genealogy, and History Magazines. The Journey Takers tells the Western
European immigration story by following three immigrant families,
recreating their lives in Europe as peasants, on the voyage across the
ocean, and settling in their new homes in the US. Huber's goal was to
enable people to learn about their own families and their
circumstances – and to form a connection to them by reading about
these families. Her book is based on thousands of hours of research
in libraries and archives across the US and Europe. She also followed in
the footsteps of these immigrants, visiting their hometowns in
Germany, Sweden, and England, and following their route across the US.
Huber interweaves her own research experiences into the narrative –
experiences to which other genealogical researchers will be able to

Leslie Huber has published over 100 articles on mostly family history and history topics in magazines such as The History Channel Magazine,
Ancestry, Family Tree Magazine, Family Chronicle, Internet Genealogy, History Magazine, Everton's Genealogical Helper and more. She is a
frequent speaker at local, regional, and national meetings and conferences throughout New England and beyond. Her website gives information about tracing Western European ancestors as well as a list of informative publications. The book has its own website,

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What people are saying about her book:

“Leslie Albrecht Huber has the ability to pull us back in history,
allowing us to view it through her eyes. She is able to capture the
essence of life as it may have been. The reader will find it
impossible to lay the book aside as Huber shares her experience in a
way that envelops, inspires, and motivates.”
-Holly Hansen, Family History Expos President

Leslie Albrecht Huber’s ancestors were journey takers, leaving their
homes in Germany, Sweden, and England behind to sail to the US and
start new lives here. Huber sets out to trace these journeys and to
understand her family – who they were and what mattered to them. But
as she follows in their footsteps, walking the paths they walked and
looking over the land they farmed, she finds herself on a journey she
hadn’t expected. Based on thousands of hours of research, Huber
recreates the immigration experience in a way that captures both its
sweeping historical breadth and its intimately personal consequences.

“…an important contribution to the field of family history…”
-Dr. Raymond Wright, former director of the Family History Library in
Salt Lake City and retired professor of history from Brigham Young

“The Journey Takers shows Huber’s ability to use sources to discover
who these people of the past were, most especially to make them come
alive. Her style of meshing her journey of discovery with their
individual life stories makes a compelling narrative.”
-Dr. Kathryn Daynes, professor of history at Brigham Young University
and past president of the Mormon History Association

“The Journey Takers shows an impressive level of research, polished
writing, and engaging and frequently moving interpretations. The theme
that emerges about the importance and lasting influence of choices is
a powerful one.”
-Dr. Lavina Fielding Anderson, author of Lucy’s Book: Critical
Edition of Lucy Mack Smith's Family Memoir

“With The Journey Takers, Leslie Albrecht Huber brings her ancestors
to life. She adds flesh to the bones of a genealogical study by
weaving historical context, family stories, and her personal feelings
into the fabric of the story. The hardships and heartaches of those
who came before her are tightly bound to the journey that took them
from the old world and into a new life."
-Cyndi Ingle Howells, creator and owner of Cyndi's List of Genealogy
Sites on the Internet