Paul Wankowicz, author of “The Ulysses Flight

Paul Wankowicz, author of “The Ulysses Flight, A WWII Aviation Adventure Novel of Aerial Dogfights and Love,” was born near Warsaw, Poland in 1926. Since his father was with the Polish Embassy the family lived in both Poland and in Washington D.C. during his childhood. Paul attended Yale University, to study Elizabethan Literature with a minor in History. WWII interrupted his education and during WWII Paul joined the Polish Air Force where he was attached to the British R.A.F. and attended the British Empire Air Training Plan. In 1945, he returned to his studies at Yale graduating with a B.A. in English Literature.

During and immediately after his time at the University, Paul worked various jobs eventually designing a mortar fuze, which landed him a job in the armament industry during the Korean War. He worked as a Provincial Advisor in Vietnam during that conflict. After the Korean war Paul worked in electronics. One position was with the Smithsonian Institution’s Satellite Observer Program in Shiraz, Iran. Subsequently, he joined MIT’s Neuroscience Research Program and was later recruited by the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston as a Research Engineer & Instrument Designer for mammalian research on diving seals on location in Antarctica. At present, Paul is an engineer in anesthesia research and is employed by the Massachusetts General Hospital.

Paul has flown extensively in the USA, Iran, and Vietnam, where he earned an honorary set of Royal Australian Air Force (R.A.A.F) pilot’s wings, as well as the Vietnam Medal of Valor II.

Paul Wankowicz is married with four children and lives in Winchester, Massachusetts with his wife, Sue Birnie. While Paul has many publication credits, “The Ulysses Flight” is his first novel to be published.


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