Rosemary Chaulk

Rosemary Chaulk is from Pepperell MA. She is the author of "'Nissitissit Witch," and "Summer Dreams."

Rosemary's Bio:

I was born under the sign of the Bull, forever connected to the earth. As far back as I can remember, I have spent as much time as possible outside. When I was younger I played outdoors, as an adult I have spent my entire life working outside measuring land. Being a land surveyor and an engineer I am a trained observer and detail oriented but my connection to the earth has been there since birth.

The old abandoned ruins that I find in the woods and along the streams and rivers speak to me about days gone by and villages lost to time and long forgotten. When I discover these sites often times nothing remains but a few ruins but somehow because of my connection to the earth I can visualize what was once there and feel the energy of the lives that had lived there.

Can land be cursed or is it just the tortured souls who roam it who are cursed? If man disappeared would the land still be cursed? North Village caught my attention because of the curse of the witch. In doing my research, I found that North Village was doomed long before the witches ever came.

While telling tales of Indian Spirits and witches I use this platform for my true message, which is pollution. We took America from the natives and the first thing we did was to decimate the woods, pollute the rivers and torture the land for anything we could take for profit. Untold workers died horribly as a result of exposure to these toxins, which were used to make everyday items. Wallpaper contained arsenic and heavy metals, felt for winter boots and hats used mercury in the manufacturing process, fancy velvet gowns were colored with toxic dyes, green paint was made with copper oxidized by arsenic and all paints contained lead. The past was far from being pure and safe.
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