World Wide Wednesdays@Chelmsford presents:

Traditional Chinese Folk Music Ensemble
with Zhao Zhi-Min, Ji Hong, Qian Hao, Guo Zhao-Shun and students from the Zhao Zhi-Min School of Chinese Music
Wednesday July 28, 2010

at the MacKay Library
43 Newfield St, North Chelmsford

In case of rain concert will be held at the Senior Center
at 75 Groton Road, North Chelmsford

Zhao Zhi-Min
Zhao Zhi-Min started learning Bamboo Flute and ErHu at the age of six. He further developed his talent at ErHu and other traditional Chinese instruments, BanHu, ZhongHu, JingHu, GauHu, studying with Master Liu Ming Yuan, renowned traditional Chinese folk music performer and composer. In his homeland, he earned first place in several nationwide contests. Zhao Zhi-Min's formidable technique and skill have secured him an international reputation as a talented young interpreter of traditional Chinese music. Zhao Zhi-Min came to the United States in 1985 and played in the Chinese Folk Music Orchestra of New York as ErHu soloist and concert master until 1998. He has garnered critical acclaim for his ErHu concertos such as “Newlywed Parting”, “Qing Cuan Travel” and “Qing Cuan New Song.” In 1998, he moved to Boston and formed the Chinese Traditional Music School in 2000. Since then, he continues to mentor ErHu students, training a new generation of outstanding Chinese musical talent. Zhao Zhi-Min also formed “oversea Chinese music ensemble” with dulcimer master Hong Ji and zither master Jun Qin. They have been playing at various musical festivals throughout the United States and Europe.

Ji Hong
Ji Hong, famous Yangqin (Chinese Hammered Dulcimer) player, started her musical training at the age of 7. She won a prize of Excellence at Musical Instrument Competitions. She graduated from Shenyang Academy of Music (Yan-An Lu Xun Academy) and became a principal Yangqin player in Liao Ning Provincial Song and Dance Ensemble. After performing in many different countries, Ji-Hong gained praise and is now recognized as a member of China Association of Musicians. Her dissertation entitled, “The application of double notes in a Grand National Musical Ensemble,” won a special award from Liao-Ning Musical Life. Her music compositions were published in China, Hong Kong and other southeast Asia countries. In 1981 she received a special award at the National Art Festival. In 1996, Ms. Ji Hong received the Gold Metal of 3rd International Competition of China National Musical Instruments. Since coming to the US in 1999, Ms. Ji has has performed in Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall. She also performed on television programs in New York. She has been interviewed by the US Digest, Washington Post, World Journal and Mingbao. She has become a well known Chinese musician in the New York area.

Qian Hao
Qian Hao started learning ErHu at the age of six from his father, a professional ErHu player. Mr. Qian is a former ErHu artist in China Broadcasting Performing Arts Troupe, the only state-level performing arts group in China that focuses on promoting and performing traditional Chinese performing arts. Mr. Qian plays every piece of music with great insights, leading the audiences into his music world. He has been a regular performer in many events on the east coast. Since immigrating to United States, Mr. Qian Hao continues to use his talents to amaze his audiences.

Guo Zhao-Shun
Guo Zhao-Shun graduated from the Tianjin Music Conservatory, and was a solo pipa player with the Tianjin Provincial Dancing and Singing Troupe. He won the Best New Composition award in the competition held by China Central TV in 1987, and first prize in Pipa at the national competition of ethnic musical instruments in 1991.

This program is free and open to the public. For more information, call 978-256-5521, ext 214.

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