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Action & Adventure

  Award Winners Classics Spys Political Intrigue/Terrorism Techno Thrillers
Cipher Thrillers Financial Intrigue/Espionage Biothrillers Survival Disaster
  Wild Frontiers/Exotic Lands Soldier of Fortune Military & Naval Adventure Historical Naval & Military Adventure Female Spies

Crime & Mystery

  Award Winners Classics Cozy Mysteries Detective Fiction Hard Boiled Crime Stories
Police Procedurals Crime/Caper Legal Thrillers Postmodern Crime Novels True Crime
  Private Investigators Serial Killers & Psychopaths Romantic Suspense Historical Mysteries Art, Cooking, Scrapbooking, Crafting Mysteries


  Award Winners Classics Historical Fiction Literary Fiction Short Stories
Graphic Novels Middle Ages Renaissance The Americas 20th entury
  Sagas Epics Series Horror Christian Fiction


  Award Winners Classics Contemporary Romance Contemporary Romantic Suspense Historical Romantic Suspense
Paranormal Romance Gothic Romance Historical Romance Frontier & Western Regency Romance
  Medieval Scotland Saga  

Science Fiction & Fantasy

  Award Winners Classics Space Opera Militaristic Time Travel
Shared Worlds Techno Dystopias & Utopias Alternate & Parallel Worlds Genreblending (SciFi &...)
Fantasy: Award Winners Classics Epic/Sword & Sorcery Saga, Myth & Legend Fairy Tales
  Urban Fantasy Alternate & Parallel Worlds Shared World Dark Fantasy Romantic Fantasy


  Award Winners Classics Native Americans & Indian Captives Mountain Men Wagons West & Early Settlement
Law and Lawmen Romance Railroads Series Sagas
  Texas Mormons      

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