Animals Webliography

On the Web:

The Electronic Zoo

Sea World/Busch Gardens Animal Information Database

A is for Angelfish - an animal alphabet for the little ones

National Wildlife Federation

In a Database:

(To use these, have your library card ready. The links will take you to the login page for each database. Enter your patron id number, and hit return.)

Ebscohost Animals - Select Searchasaurus, then the Encyclopedia of Animals.

Grolier Online - Search three sets of encyclopedia at once.

SIRS - Choose SIRS Discoverer for younger kids, SIRS Knowledge Source for older.

In the Library :

There are lots of animal books in the children's and adult's sections of the library. Just ask at one of the reference desks, and they can help you find books to take out or reference books to look at here.

Try some of these magazines, too:

In Children's:

  • National Geographic World
  • Ranger Rick
  • Kids Discover
  • Scientific American Explorations
  • Your Big Backyard
  • Zoobooks

In the Teen area:

  • Animals

In the Adult section:

  • Cat Fancy
  • Dog World
  • International Wildlife
  • Massachusetts Wildlife
  • National Geographic
  • Natural History