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Reference Books

Encyclopedia of astronomy and astrophysics, editor-in-chief, Paul Murdin. c2001. Ref/520/Ency/2001

USA in space, edited by Russell R. Tobias. c2001. Ref/629.4/USA/2001


The amateur astronomer, edited by Shawn Carlson,. 2001

Astronomy with small telescopes : up to 5-inch, 125 mm, edited by Stephen F. Tonkin, 2001

The birth of time : how astronomers measured the age of the universe, by John Gribbin, 2000

The Cambridge photographic guide to the planets, F.W. Taylor, 2001

Connecting with the cosmos : nine ways to experience the magic and mystery of natural world, by Donald Goldsmith, 2002

Don't know much about the universe : everything you need to know about the cosmos but never learned, by Kenneth C. Davis, 2001

Eclipse : the celestial phenomenon that changed the course of history, by Duncan Steel, 2001

Great comets, by Robert Burnham, 2000

Intimate look at the night sky, by Chet Raymo, 2001

Story of the solar system, by Mark A. Garlick, 2002

Space & Cosmology

Atom : an odyssey from the big bang to life on earth ... and beyond, by Lawrence M. Krauss, 2001

The dimensions of paradise, by John Michell, 2001

Failure is not an option : mission control from Merucry to Apollo 13 and beyond, by Gene Kranz, 2000

Flight : my life in mission control, Christopher C. Kraft, 2001

How to build a time machine, by Paul Davies, 2002, 2001

Hyperspace : our final frontier, by John Gribbin, 2001

The monuments of Mars : a city on the edge of forever, by Richard C. Hoagland, 2002

The universe in a nutshell, by Stephen Hawking, 2001

The universe next door : the making of tomorrow's science, by Marcus Chown, 2002